Knight and Sons Monument Company is the oldest business in the city of Madisonville. The current location of Knight and Sons — on the corner of West Center and Madison — has played host to monument companies for well over a century now. Beginning in 1877, a soon-to-be long-running local monument business, which was known as Wells Brothers Monument Company, acquired the location and set up shop. Then, nearly 75 years later, Charles Knight, a pastor from Elizabethtown, started his own business in the city of Madisonville. Though originally located on South Main St., Charles’ new business, Knight Monuments, eventually bought the Wells Brothers place during 1962, reinventing an already 75 year old site and business. From there, Knight Monument Company grew. It wasn’t until the early ‘80s that the company added the “Sons” when Fred Knight, who already owned his own monument company, became a partner in the established Knight Monument Company along with his wife, Alice Knight. In 1987, Fred Knight passed away, Alice ran the company up until around 2006, when Fred’s son, Mark, took over. Mark, along with his wife, Amie Knight, is the current owner of the company.