Aegean Elite Vault

Our finest, most well-appointed urn vault, the Elite™ combines the strength and beauty of the Aegean® with yet another layer of protection and additional custom options. For the Elite™, hand-crafted sheeting of stainless steel, copper, or bronze is bonded to the interior lining, while a matching metal cap is added to the exterior cover. Decorative emblems are also available, for an added level of personalization. A lightweight concrete version is also available in white marble.


Aegean Cremation Vault


The Aegean urn vault represents a leap forward in both protection and options. This concrete urn vault, completely encased in two layers of high impact polystyrene, is both strong and beautiful. In addition, the polymer exterior provides a variety of refined finish options not available in uncoated concrete models. The Aegean urn vault is available in white marble and black marble.. Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns add to this classic look. A lightweight concrete version is also available in white marble.


Millennium Cremation Vault


Available in simulated white marble and black marble finishes, the Millennium cremation urn vault is a lightweight, presentation-oriented alternative to the heavier and more traditional vault structure. Formed of high impact polymer, this urn vault is large enough to accommodate most sizes and styles of urns, yet reasonably priced and easy to handle.